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First let us explain the name "Scotch Collie".  Collies

originated in Scotland and since our family is Scottish

we wanted to honor the original name of the breed.

Our collies are not a different breed. 

With a variety of adult Scotch Collies on our

property we strive to perpetuate this beautiful

breed and hope to have many puppies for your

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Lassie the majestic Collie of T.V. and screen fame was a Scotch Collie.  In the 1900 the Collie was the 
choice for most farming or ranching families.  Later in the 20th century fancy show breeds and the decline of family run farms made the Scotch Collie almost obsolete.                                                                                            

 The breeds exceptional intelligence and loyalty is why a few families began a search for how to revive interest in and an appreciation for the fantastic Scotch Collies.  Today while fewer in number the breed is making a remarkable comeback. One of the reasons ...........this extraordinarily majestic breed is a wonderful additions and the choice as a lifetime companion and family friend.

Zanes' Lucybelle Calhoun   2016
This beautiful smooth coat girl is the Dam for our June 19, 2016 litter of 4 boys and 3 girls

                 Lady Lulu

     Sir Jolly Jet and Lady Lulu
                  3 months old

                  Sir Jolly Jet

            Owens Windwalker

            "Belle A Bella"