Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies

We hope you love old fashioned "Lassie Dog" type farm Collies as much as we do! Our puppies are born into our home, not a kennel, and each puppy is handled and with  special attention, kindness and respect. Socialization starts early here, grooming, bathing and house training~ and even short car rides are part of the schedule. We treat each baby as an individual, giving them a great start in life to ensure a wonderful future. Raising great puppies is a LOT of work, and here at Clan Calhoun Collies it is a labor of loveā€¦.

Our dogs are pets and companions first and foremost, our Collies are family members and enjoy being with us in our daily activities. 
We are striving to raise beautiful, vibrant, healthy, traditional Collies.

If you aren't familiar with the Collie breed or herding breeds in general,  there are many resources available online to research to make sure a Collie is right for you. Please do your Collie breed research ahead and remember a Collie is a forever friend and lifelong commitment. Collies are highly intelligent, active, loyal and most have a deep affection and affinity for children. 

It is important for me to talk at length with each prospective puppy adopter in order  to make sure a Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies are a good fit for your life and family.

 I want to help prospective  buyers to be as prepared as possible for a new companion & family member, and am happy to answer any questions or discuss concerns you may have.  Once we have established that you are ready for a Collie, I will help you find the perfect match for your family or lifestyle. Please don't be offended if I ask to contact your veterinarian and/or for references, all people are treated equally and my main concern is getting puppies into safe, committed, lifelong homes. 

All puppies adopted must come back to me if ever life circumstances change and puppy can not be kept.