Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies

Here are some suggestions for things you need to help your new puppy be health

and happy.


Clan Calhoun puppies begin their core vaccination schedule at  around 6 weeks

of age, be aware your new puppy does not have full immunity to common

diseases like Parvo until a series of 3 separate vaccinations (normally by 9-14-16

weeks) are completed. This means that you should fully understand the incidence

of multi drug sensitivities in this breed.

I do recommend a grain free diet. We prefer brands such as "Taste Of The Wild"

 OR  a Holistic Food  (wheat, corn and soy free) like Hunden Flocken.

Of course, a raw diet is ideal but not everyone can manage it. Adding raw quality

meats and bones and cooked vegetables is a healthy addition to a Collie's diet.

Keep your puppy away from dog parks, rest stops, pet stores and even off of

vet clinic floors to keep your puppy from possibly catching something before

immunity is built up.

We recommend using a core vaccination schedule that is limited to the most at

risk diseases for your dogs lifestyle and regional area. Although Clan Calhoun 

Collies tests for MDR1. Be sure your veterinarian uses "Collie safe " medications

and drugs.  Especially heart worm medication.  Be sure your vet is aware of the

medication that ARE and ARE NOT safe for collies. 

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