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is a stunning little tri- colored girl with a deep wide collar and wide blaze on her nose. 

BALEE is 22 days old

BOSCO  is a beautiful tri colored boy.  He has a little  wisp of white on his right hip, a small blaze on his forehead. BOSCO is 22 days old.

BOOBA * SOLD * is a gorgeous BI-factored girl with a very dark sable head.. 
She has two small white
spots on her back. 
She has a full collar and is beautifully marked. 
This little girl will be
a show-stopper. 
3 days old
ANGEL is a very special little tri-colored girl, she has a white blaze down her nose.  We thought mama was done so she went outside. This baby was laying in the dirt still in her protective amniotic bag.  Our other female found her and brought her to the back door.  We washed the dirt off and she is now our little Angel is 22 days old