Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies


Each buyer will receive a confirmation e-mail

from Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies.  Once the

flight has been scheduled and confirmed by

airlines. The detailed confirmation e-mail includes: 

All flight information (flight numbers,

departure/arrival times, & Air Waybill number),

pickup location (each airport has their own

designated pickup location; therefore, I will

include your specific pickup location in your

e-mail), and immediate aftercare instructions.

*Pickup locations will be at Cargo (when

available as some airports do not have a Cargo

facility) or the Baggage Claim or Ticket

Counter inside the airport for those without a

Cargo facility. 

Remove him/her immediately & have a potty

break.  Its been a long ride.

Bring water from home. There will be a dish

inside of the crate. Water your puppy

immediately after potty time. Plan to stay at

your pickup place for a few minutes to offer 

some exercise & a bite of food before heading

home if it is more than an hour drive. Puppies

travel much better on a full tummy. Send me a

quick text when you have the puppy in your

care. We will talk later to address any

questions/concerns after you have had some

with your puppy.

The crate's used for shipping are the hard plastic type.   It will have a metal door that can be securely fastened.  The top and bottom of the carrier will have metal screws that will securely attach the two halves of the crate. together.

Attached (usually with tape) to the crate will be a small zip-lock bag of food and a bottle of water.  (If the water isn't there it was used to water your puppy during his trip).

Inside his crate will be his bedding, his/her favorite toy, a watering bowl. and a puppy puddle pad (in case of accidents).

You now have a sturdy crate to carry your puppy to the vet.