Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies

Lil' Lovin'  this little Sable girl is nothin' but sugar and spice and everything nice.  She's got lots of personality, charm, and lots of energy.
LADDIE  is a very handsome little boy.  He is solid white except of a small sable spot right on the end of his butt where his tail starts.  He will be a big boy and will be a exceedingly stunning Collie.  The word " LADDIE" MEANS BOY IN SCOTTISH.  LADDIE IS 11 days old. 
Two precious brothers sleeping after a good dinner of mama's milk.
Puppies playing, these babies are from our June 2015 litter at 6 weeks old.  Our family loves to take them in the yard and watch them play.  What a labor of love it is to see them meet their forever families.