Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies


BOOBA  SOLD *  is a beautiful mahogany girl with 2 little white spots on her back.  She has a deep full collar and a little white nose. She is a very sweet girl and has all the standard Collie markings.
BOOBA  is 22 days old.
ANGEL  is a very special little girl.  We thought her mom was all done and she went outside There she had Angel in the dirt and sand and we found her.  A warm bath and she was good as new. She has beautiful tri points and is a very loving little girl.  What a wonderful little angel she will be to a lucky family.
Angel is 22 days old.
BALEE * SOLD *  This little girl comes
with a big personality.  I think she
thinks that she is a great dane.  
She is a real snuggle puppy.  She has
a deep white collar goes all the way
down both front legs.
BALLEE     is 22 days old.
BECCA  is a lovely little tri-colored girl and has a tiny little wisp of a blaze on the tip of her nose.  She will have the true sable marks above her little eye, on her nose and on her belly.  She is a beautiful little girl and is looking for a forever family to love her.
BECCA  is 22  days old.