Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies

Laddies' & Lassie Collies

Picking up your puppy:

Please call in advance to schedule an appointment to pick-up your puppy. This

will ensure that all necessary paperwork is prepared and ready for


Delivery of you puppy:

Sometimes we are willing to deliver or meet you at a pre-arranged location.

In this case the fee is .59 cents per mile both ways and $15.00 for meals if

over 8 hours.  The buyer provide a crate for the puppy.  We are willing to

travel a maximum distance of 200 miles.

Air Shipping:

If you are unable to pick up your puppy then he/she can be shipped at 8

weeks of age. Shipping arrangements are made by Clan Calhoun Scotch Collies.

All that is required of our buyers is to let us know an airport that is

nearest/best for you, a good day, & time and we will handle the rest! We

understand you may have reservations about shipping your puppy from

Alabama to your destination, but it really is safe and stress free to your new

puppy. We do not sedate the puppies in any way. They ship awake, alert, well

fed, hydrated, & comfortable. Some sleep on their way and wake up in your

arms ready for you to love them.

Puppies are a PRIORITY with the airlines and are handled with the best of care.

Only certain aircraft are equipped to transport live animals. The animals get

the same pressurization and air as the passengers. Furthermore, the puppies

are checked in by airline staff member that are specially trained in checking

in and preparing live animals for their flight. We check in with the same

individuals each time with each Airline. 

Air travel is a VERY safe mode of transportation. We ship with American

Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines.

We ship Tuesday-Saturday only because all of our puppies are seen by a vet

within 24 hours prior to shipping so we do not ship on Mondays. Cargo is

closed on Sunday.